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Lean Manufacturing System

Industry: Manufacturing - Plastics

Operational Portfolio:

  • 1. Blow Molding Bottles, Jerry Cans, Jars, Floaters, Buoys
  • 2. Injection Molding Round and Rectangle Containers, Caps & Closures, Pipe Spacers, End Caps, Crates.
  • 3. Rotational Molding Water Storage Tanks, Fuel Storage Tanks, Bins, Planters, Material Handling Products, Pallet Bins, Wheel Barrows, Pallets, Kiosks.
  • 4. Pipe Extrusion PVC Pressure Pipes, PVC Sewage & Drainage Pipes, PVC Conduit Pipes, HDPE Polypipes (High & Low Pressure), Gas Pipes, Borewell Pipe Casings & Screens, Garden Hose Pipes, Ball Point Pens, etc.
  • 5. Product Development Center AutoCAD Product design, Prototype Building, Mold Development, Mold Modifications, Fabrication of Critical Spares, Custom Designed Product Development Services, TBS
  • Approval Services, etc.

Solution Overview

  • 1. Design, Development & Implemented complete Manufacturing Process - includes detailed Product Master that has Volume (Cubic Centimeter) Product Weight, Cycle Time (seconds), Ideal Machines & Unlimited Multiple BOM Classes with alternate/substitute raw materials. Production Process Transactions such as Sales Order, Work Order Material Issue, Production Voucher, Quality Control & Production Gain/Loss
  • 2. Design, Development & Implemented complete Manufacturing Reports - Work Order Register, Production Work In Progress, Daily Production, Finished Goods Transfer & Material Reconciliation.
  • 3. Design, Development & Implemented complete Balance Scorecard / Measures - is a key performance indicator tool for measuring whether the smaller-scale operational activities of a company are aligned with its larger-scale objectives in terms of vision and strategy.

    These measures are Machine based machine performance reports such as Machine OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Machine MTTR - Mean Time To Repair, Machine MTBF - Mean Time Between Failure. Sales Order Performance Reports such as OTEFIF - On Time Error Free In Full. Inventory and Customer performance measures such as I$D - Inventory Dollar Days & T$D - Throughput Dollar Days

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EESTPL works with organisations across various segments to provide solutions & services in Tally to meet their business requirements.

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Saturnalia UK Limited - UK
Nis Trading Co - Mauritius
Chantier Ramtoola Ltd - Mauritius
Westgate Shopping Mall - Kenya
Rahimtulla Towers - Kenya
Sarit Centre - Kenya
Razco Limited - Kenya
Artcaffe Coffee & Bakery Limited - Kenya
Sumaria Group - Tanzania
Tender Solutions - Singapore
Kundan Electornics - India
International School of London - Qatar
Arcaya Distribution Pty Ltd - Australia

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More than two decades in close contact with Tally Users/Tally Associates has made EESTPL aware of critical software applications & services

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