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Landed Cost Module


Landed Cost is the total cost of a product including all the overhead expenses such as brokerage, logistics fees, complete shipping costs, customs duties, tariffs, taxes, insurance, currency conversion, crating costs, and handling fees on arrival of goods. Not all of these components are present in every shipment to be accounted for to arrive at the landed cost of each product; however, one has to account the entire overheads mentioned as above to arrive at the landed cost, which is a significant task under the current systems.

Additionally, User has to account every cost in to system as and when he gets to know them, which ends up in significant man power consumption, recording multiple transactions for each cost etc., to arrive at this single cost, there by compromising on the size of the data and performance issues.

Currently not all the systems are capable / designed to arrive at the Landed cost of the products, so the need has been raised to design a system which helps in arriving at Landed cost of the product without comprising on any of the above mentioned factors.

About - Landed Cost Module

Faced with the challenges of minimizing man power consumption, passing minimal entries to record  all the costs, minimizing the data size and provide considerable speed etc., We have understood the need for arriving at the landed cost of each product.

Our Landed cost module helps account all the overhead costs of the Items in one single transaction, thereby helps minimize the human resource consumption, records all the overheads in single transaction which minimizes the no of entries to be passed, thus minimizing the data size which results in improved performance of the application/system, all in one single entry.

As opposed to the general methods of arriving at costing based on value, Landed Cost Module thereby allows you appropriate costing both, by the quantity of a given product or value of your choice. It helps you arrive effortlessly at Landed Cost of products by easing cost calculation considerably.

Sample details of additional ledgers provided in Movement Analysis Report :

Select (Eg: Computer) & press Enter - below screen is displayed :

Final Product Cost (Landed Cost) - Party wise

 Party wise Landed cost details are shown along with overhead costs as below:

Note :  This report can also be viewed   for a particular item by pressing F4 button and for a   particular party by pressing F5 button and  selecting the same



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