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The company has footmarks over 24 countries that span across 4 continents. Firm presence in Regions of Africa, Europe, Middle East, South Asia Our Products and Services Tally.ERP 9 On-Site Development and Customisation Services Tally.ERP 9 Off-Site Development and Customisation Services Tally.ERP 9 Training & Support Tally.ERP 9 Annual Service Contracts On-Site & Off-Site Tally.ERP 9 Integrations with any third party applications Tally Shop Add-ons Tally.ERP 9 Vertical Solutions

We are a 5 Star Certified Partner of Tally Solutions India Private Limited

Providing Enterprise Solutions

EESTPL provides solutions that are reliable, robust & scalable for a dynamic environment where people, process & technology blend seamlessly. EESTPL approach focuses on novel methods of business combining IT innovation and adoption, keeping in purview an organization's current IT assets.

Global Scope

  • EESTPL established in the year 2003. We now have more than 45 man years of Tally Expertise and has one of the Largest Tally Solutions Factory.
  • The company has footmarks over 24 countries that span across regions in Africa, Europe, Middle east & South Asia.
  • Our diverse and highly skilled global experts having Tally Expertise and Experience of more than 45 Man Years

Technology and Enterprise Solutions

Undoubtedly Technology is propelling the high economic growth across compaines across regions. We are focusing on providing enterprise class solutions to our clients on ERP Process & Technologies that would improve the growth of the organization

We also are investing in the development of enterprise solutions & technologies across various vertical segments - such as Manufacturing, Real Estate & Property, Trading & Retail and Projects & Services solutions.

Environment, Employment and Growth

As a company and as a individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the growth of our clients, employees and communities where we live and work.

Our constant efforts to improve on our employee skills in a good work environment continue to pay off. We have always been recruiting with great employment opportunity with very high potential to learn, work and earn

Our Work

We recognize that the client needs highly cost effective, productive solutions to grow a good speed and pace. That's why our employees work hard to find cost effective methods that suits our clients and aid in their growth


EESTPL works with organisations across various segments to provide solutions & services in Tally to meet their business requirements.

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Chantier Ramtoola Ltd - Mauritius
Westgate Shopping Mall - Kenya
Razco Limited - Kenya
Tender Solutions - Singapore
Kundan Electornics - India
International School of London - Qatar
Arcaya Distribution Pty Ltd - Australia

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Our company's 14 Years of contribution to Tally Product, with the help of our dedicated resources and with the support of the principal company, Tally Solutions, our company has been instrumental in waking up several countries and immensely contributed to the Tally license sales which on it own creates a Tally Community. Our unique approach of empowering the locales in their respective country has also augured well for such contribution.

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